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Although the weather has now warmed up and the breeding season has arrived, please don’t forget that our wildlife still needs our care and protection. Wild birds need a constant supply of clean water and plenty of food, perhaps also including a bit of fruit. To minimise the risks of any diseases spreading amongst our wild birds, it is important to ensure that all feeders, bird baths, and bowls etc., are regularly cleaned.

As well as thinking about our wild birds, we should not forget our rapidly dwindling hedgehog population. The hedgehogs are now very active at night. Unfortunately, flattened hedgehogs are an all too common sight on our roads, so please keep a careful watch when driving at night and if a hedgehog is spotted in a vulnerable position, do what you can to give it a helping hand – but don’t get yourself flattened in the process.

Hedgehogs will also appreciate having easy access to clean water, as well as the appropriate food, but on NO ACCOUNTS feed them bread and milk – that will kill them. If you are preparing your veg patch, you will have no better ally to protect your crops from slugs than your local hedgehog, and remember that slug pellets and hedgehogs are another fatal combination; scooped out, half orange skins, placed upside down amongst your veg are a very good and safe alternative, to using poisons.

Be particularly very careful when using strimmers and do not light bonfires without first looking to ensure that there are no sleeping or sheltering hedgehogs, underneath. A lot of hedgehogs are maimed or killed every year due to strimmers – the injuries are usually horrific, so please also be very careful if using any powered equipment, including strimmers.

If hedgehogs are seen out in the daytime, then something is seriously wrong and they are in urgent need of help. Carefully place them in a box (so that they don’t waddle off into the undergrowth to die a slow death), while you go off to phone the GSPCA on 01481 257261, for advice.

The links below have some useful information about feeding garden birds and hedgehogs.


E-mail: –



Hedgehog Information Sheet.

or consult GSPCA.