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Wildlife (Water & Food).

With the arrival of the cold, wet and windy weather, anyone with bird feeders in the garden will have noticed how hard the birds have been feeding lately. Like us, they find it difficult to keep warm when it is cold, wet and windy. Please don’t forget to keep feeders topped up and in order to minimise the risks of birds passing on any illnesses to each other please ensure that all feeding tables, drinkers and bird baths are regularly well scrubbed and that a supply of clean water is always available. After birds have been using water drinkers for communal bathing it’s also good practise to clean and refill drinkers – nobody would want to drink anyone else’s bath water, not should the birds!

Likewise keep a supply of water available for any hedgehogs which happen to wake up for a drink or even a feed but please bear in mind that if hedgehogs are seen out in the daytime, then is likely to be something seriously wrong and they are probably sick and in urgent need of help. Carefully place them in a box (so that they don’t waddle off into the undergrowth to die a slow death), while you go off to phone the GSPCA on 01481 257261 for advice.  If you happen to see find any sick or lean and underweight hedgehogs during the Winter, these will also need our help.  As a general guide an adult hedgehog should weigh at least 600gms in order to have enough reserves to survive hibernation; the GSPCA is always available with expert advice and assistance.

The links below have some useful information about feeding garden birds and hedgehogs.


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or consult GSPCA on 257261