St. Andrew's Douzaine, Guernsey

Refuse Collection & Disposal (+Bag Colour Calendar)

Refuse must normally be put out on a Tuesday evening.

At the present time, the cost of collection and disposal is levied from tax-payers as a REFUSE RATE; this is approved at the Parish Meeting.

The refuse collector will not accept broken sacks – nor will he clear any spillage.

Householders are limited to two black sacks or, two dustbins or, ONE wheelie bin, but this must not contain more than two black sacks and no recycling bags.

Kerbside Recycling.
Kerbside recycling bags must also be put out on a Tuesday evening on their respective weeks; these bags must be placed alongside the refuse bin, and NOT IN IT. There is no limit on the number of recycling bags that can be put out.  The calendar below show the days that blue bags can be put out and when white bags can be used.  White bags are for paper and cardboard only; blue bags are for plastics (excluding black plastics), milk cartons and cans, but NOT GLASS.

Full details :

                               Island-Wide Recycling Bag Colour Calendars – 2018