St. Andrew's Douzaine, Guernsey

Refuse Collection & Disposal – New Arrangements

By now, all households should have received their two black kitchen waste boxes, a supply of plastic liners, and a brief information booklet.

Bin night arrangements for all households will change from 2nd September 2018, when new collections are introduced for food waste and glass recycling.  The changes come ahead of the introduction of the new ‘pay as you throw’ system in order to give islanders time to familiarise themselves with the revised collections, before the new charges come into effect.

In St Andrew’s we have been advised that in future, waste and recycling should be put out on Thursday evenings by 9.45p.m (from 6th September, 2018); food waste will be collected weekly, with general refuse becoming a fortnightly service (general waste WILL be picked up on this first collection). Glass will be collected on alternate weeks, and the current blue and clear kerbside bag for other recycling will continue to be picked up fortnightly. There is a slight possibility that a few parishioners might have their collection day changed for reasons of efficiency, but advanced notice of any change will be given to any affected households.

The changeover to a new  ‘pay as you throw’ system is expected to commence sometime in January or February, 2019, after which the Parish will only be charging households for the actual cost of collections.  The States will be recovering its costs via an annual standing charge levied on every household, together with special, tamper-proof stickers which must purchased in advance, to be attached to every black bag of waste put out for collection.

It is believed that for 2019, the charge for bag stickers will be set at be £2.50 each; there will be a less costly sticker available for half bags, but the Constables have not yet been informed of the projected cost of these.


                    Island-Wide Recycling Bag Colour Calendars – 2018