St. Andrew's Douzaine, Guernsey

Refuse Collection & Disposal – New Arrangements


In St Andrew, refuse and recycling should be put out on Thursday evenings by 9.45p.m.

From 3rd February 2019 the method of charging householders for domestic refuse changed and the States now requires householders to attach a prepaid, refuse charge sticker to every bag of “black bag” refuse put out for collection – £1.40 for 50 litre bags and £2.50 for 90 litre bags.

NB – There is no restriction on the number of black bags which you can put out on “black bag nights” provided that an appropriate sticker is attached to each bag; stickers are not required on recycling bags.

In addition to these charges, the Waste Authority will be raising an annual fixed charge, which for 2019 has been set at £85.00; invoices for this are posted to all householders by the Waste Authority in February.  If you live in social housing or rent privately, you may not see a bill but your landlord may pass the charge on in rent.

The Parish will be only be charging for the cost of collections and this will be tabled at the next Parish meeting in the Spring.

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Parishioners are urged to keep a careful eye open for any instances of fly-tipping around the Island and to report these to the authorities; a successful prosecution can result in a fine of £20,000 and a criminal conviction for the guilty!