St. Andrew's Douzaine, Guernsey


There are still a few people who have overlooked payment of their dog licence. Dog taxes (£10 per dog) may be remitted in person, by post, by hand through the Constables’ Office letterbox or, direct via Internet Banking.

Coloured tax-tags are no longer being issued; if you are paying by post or, through the letterbox, please include a stamped addressed envelope for the return of the licence. If you are paying by Internet Banking, please direct your payment to account No 33508960 (Constables of St Andrew’s) Sort Code 30 – 93 – 73, including your name and house name / number, as a reference. To receive a copy of your licence by email, please send details of your completed payment to :-                                 .

NB. Dog owners failing to pay the tax could be liable to a fine not exceeding £500 in accordance with the Dog Licences (Guernsey) Law, 1969 (as amended).