St. Andrew's Douzaine, Guernsey

St Andrew’s Businesses

Argent Funeral Care

Maison Funéraire, La Route de la Croix, St Andrew, GY6 8RT

Telephone: 01481 233 155

Bob Froome & Sons Limited

La Mare, St Andrew,GY6 8XX                    

Telephone: 01481 237 466

CDS RB Fixings Guernsey Ltd

Rue des Pointes, St Andrew, GY6 8UH

Telephone: 01481 235 631

Co-op En Route St Andrew

Route de St Andrew, St Andrew, GY6 8TU  

Telephone: 01481 231 155

Guernsey Dairy

La Brigade Road, St Andrew, GY6 8RJ

Telephone: 01481  237 777

Guernsey Water

Brickfield House, St Andrew, GY1 3AS      

Telephone: 01481 239 500

Island Automotive

Pointes Lane, St Andrew,GY6 8UJ

Telephone:  01481 234 555

Island Waste

Materials Recovery Facility, Pointes Lane, St Andrew, GY6 8UJ

Telephone:  01481 235 466

Martyn Guille

Les Vauxbelets College Complex, Les Vauxbelets, St Andrew, GY6 8XY

Telephone:  01481 236 161

Meadow Court Farm

Route Des Blicqs,St Andrew, GY6 8YB

Telephone:  01481 236 771

Milton Produce

11 Route de St Andrew, St Andrew, GY6 8TU

Telephone:  01481 239 656

Rocquette Cider Co Ltd

Although the Company is not in St Andrew it does grow apples in the Parish and supports social activities and is a significant tourist attraction.

Les Fauxquets de Haut,Rue des Fauxquets, Castel, GY5 7QA

Telephone:  01481 234 111

Sound & Vision

Route de St Andrew, GY6 8TU

Telephone:  01481 237 999

Specsavers Optical Group

La Villiaze, St Andrew, GY6 8XP

Telephone:  0345 202 0241

Valley Computers

Valley House, Les Vauxbelets College Campus, Bouillon Road, GY6 8XY

Telephone:  01481 239 460