St. Andrew's Douzaine, Guernsey


Meadow Court Farm

Meadow Court Farm, Route Des Blicqs, St Andrew, GY6 8YB

Telephone: 01481 236 771

Meadow Court Farm is a 700 vergee farm run by the Watts family, who have a real commitment to producing quality produce in the heart of the Guernsey. With a 156 strong herd of the world-renowned Guernsey cows the main production is milk, beef and cheese. The farm supplies local restaurants and the general public.

Local Schools make regular visits to learn at first hand about dairy farming.

School Visit

Les Fauconnaires Farm

La Route des Fauconnaires, St Andrew, GY6 8UE

Les Fauconnaires Farm is a third generation dairy farm of exclusively organic Guernsey Cattle.

Castle Farm Eggs Ltd

La Vasselerie Road, St Andrew, GY6 8XL

Telephone: 01481 236 231

Currently supplying numerous local customers, including; milkmen, local stores, supermarkets and food outlets. Egg production is based on a variety of current methods of good welfare.