St. Andrew's Douzaine, Guernsey

Places of Worship

St André de la Pommeraye

St André de la Pommeraye, which translates as St Andrew of the Apple Orchard, is the Parish Church of St Andrew. It is believed to have reached its present size by the 15th century.  Over the centuries it was extended at different periods and it is now probably double its original in size. Although St Andrew’s has no coastline large boulders from the sea have been used in the construction.

There are some fine stained glass windows, some examples of which are below:


This window commemorates the fallen from the First World War 1914-1918. It is located on the Epistle Side (on the right as you face the Altar) of the Church near the entrance. It is the focus for the annual Memorial service on 11th November.








Outside at the South East corner of the Church there is a sundial dated 1687, probably with a replacement gnomon, it is showing the correct GMT after over 330 years without anyone climbing the tower to rewind!







Across the road from the Church is La Fontaine St Clare and an apple orchard planted on Glebe land by Rocquette Cider Company.

There are two cemeteries in the Parish one for the Church and another Parochial cemetery. applications for burial should be made either to the St Andrew’s Church or the Parish Office depending on the choice of burial location.

The Chapel of Christ the Healer, Monnaie Chapel

Le Monnaie, St Andrew,

The Channel Islands’ only place of worship dedicated exclusively to Christian Healing. The Chapel is small and very peaceful, it has some beautiful stained glass windows by Mary Eily de Putron, a local artist.

Services are held every Wednesday at 10.30.

La Villiaze Evangelical Church

Le Bouillon Farm, Bouillon Road, St Andrew, GY6 8YN

Tel 01481 236 371

An Independent Church, Reformed in Doctrine and Worship

Rohais Methodist Church

Rohais de Bas, St Andrew, GY6 8YY

A small, vibrant Christian community based in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

Other Denominations Outside the Parish.


Baptist Church

Spurgeon Baptist Church
Clifton, Guernsey GY1 1JR
01481 725048

Eldad Elim Church

Union St, Guernsey GY1 2PS
01481 723078


Elim Pentecostal Church

Vazon Elim Pentecostal Church
Phone: 01481 259822

Emmanuel Evangelical Baptist Church

La Longue Rue, Guernsey GY7 9XU
Servces Sundays 10:30 and 18:00
Minister: Mark Langlois telephone 263509

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Kingdom Hall, Victoria Avenue, St Sampson, GY2 4BD
Phone. 01481 711820

The Rock Community Church

New Road St Sampson, GY2 4QE
Phone: 01481 242282

Roman Catholic Church

St Joseph & St Mary, Cordier Hill, St Peter Port
Services Sundays 08:00, 10:30 and 18:30

Notre Dame du Rosaire, Burnt Lane, St Peter Port
Services Saturdays 17:30

Our Lady Star of the Sea, Rue des Monts, St Sampson
Service Saturdays 18:00 and Sundays 09:30

Telephone 01481 720196

Salvation Army

L’Islet Salvation Army,
The Fortress, Route Du Picquerel, Vale GY6 8JA
Phone: 01481248687

Shiloh Church

Landes du Marché, Guernsey GY6 8BR
Phone: 01481 257119

United Reform Church

La Grande Rue, Guernsey GY7 9PR, United Kingdom
Service Sunday 10:30
Minister: Reverend David Knight

Zion Christian Fellowship

Carmel Chapel, Route des Bordages, St Saviour.
Services Sundays 10:30 18:00
Pastor: Peter Dale telephone 01481 263164